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15 year old daughter may have aspergers

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hhbubbles Thu 11-Oct-12 19:06:22

My daughter has just turned fifteen and is doing very well with her GCSEs. Ever since primary school she has always seemed different, however, I have always put this down to her minor hearing difficulties in her right ear. When she was younger, it was suggested by some teachers that she may have ADD or ASD. However I didn't really look into it and nothing more was said.

Recently, another child to which I have always compared her has been diagnosed with aspergers. This has left me wondering whether I should look into the possibility of AS.

I have listed some of her symptoms that I think might be relevent...

- She has always had great difficulty making friends and would rather be on her own than with others.
- She is an intullectualy and musically gifted child. However it seems as though she has little common sense in everyday situations.
- She has difficulty expressing her thoughts/feelings.
- New situations and meeting new people makes her extremely anxious.
- She likes to wear the same clothes over and over and struggle to maintain the expected hygiene standards.
- She makes very little eye contact with others.
- She can sometimes say thing which are rude or hurtful without realising.
- She appears very insensitive to other people's emotions and struggles to recognise when someone is upset, in pain etc...
- She can sometimes take things very literally.
- She is very sensitive to light touch.
- She loves subjects which are factual or logical but struggles greatly with creative subjects such as english. She also has a photographic memory and can recite information very well.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be most appriciated.

Bluepenny Thu 11-Oct-12 20:53:00

I would say they are very strong symptoms of Aspergers - the 'triad' that is unique to AS is social communication, social interaction and social imagination. This covers lack of eye contact, difficulty initiating conversation, making small talk, making friends, being blunt/rude without meaning to - things you have mentioned in your post.

I would recommend getting her referred via your GP for assessment. Do be prepared for the appt and I found teachers feedback invaluable for this, as Paed will use this information to help form opinion. There are a number of tests they do, as well as they would ask you and your child questions too.

It's quite easy for a child to slip through the net when they do well educationally and are not a major distraction - there always seems to be another child worse!

Lots of great resources and websites on the net, Tony Attwood and Simon Baron-Cohen are two leading names in this field.

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