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My disabled daughter turned 16

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kakool Mon 10-Sep-12 06:23:23

Hi all,
I need your advice on benefits when a disabled child turns 16.
My DD is in a full time boarding school (52 weeks).she is going to live there until the age of 19TH.
She recently turned 16, I received her NI number.
I am receiving part of her DLA which is mobility £20 p/with.
I am getting child benefit and child tex credit for her.
I need to know what benefit will stopped and what can be applied for 16 yrs old disabled.
Also she is not able to manage her affairs because of her disability so I am responsible for all her affairs.
I am also responsible for providing pocket money and her shopping needs etc.
Please provide me as much info as you can.

margerykemp Mon 10-Sep-12 06:26:26

Put this in money matters.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Sep-12 16:21:09

Hi there

We've moved this to Special Needs: Teens and Pre-Teens. Hopefully you'll get some good advice there, kakool.

springlamb Tue 18-Sep-12 10:41:43

Have you spoken with DWP about taking formal responsiblity for her dealings with them? They came and visited us when DS was about to turn 16 and I am now his 'nominated person', which means I can deal with his DLA on his behalf. If you don't have this in place, eventually, you will phone about the DLA and they will say they can't discuss it with you as your DD is 'of age', so its' useful to get this sorted. I'm surprised they haven't written to you about it.
DS part-boards at his college and is not eligible for the care component of his DLA, although I can claim it for holidays when he is at home with us. He comes home every weekend in any case, but after he did 28 nights boarding (about half a term) his care component stopped. He continues to receive his mobility component.
Because he comes home Friday pm to Monday am (which is over the 35 hrs limit) we can still claim CA. (However, because he was boarding I was able to increase my working hours so we don't get CA anyway.) But if your daughter isn't at home regularly for 35 hrs a week, you will not be able to claim. If you haven't already sorted this, I should do so promptly as they will expect you to repay any CA you received since she began boarding.
CTC and Child Benefit are unaffected (as yet!).
I should try to set up an account with some money going in to cover her expenses whilst at college. DS has a Natwest account which both he and I can access (he takes limited responsibility for his own affairs) with £200 a month. This pays for his college social outings, purchases at the college shop etc. And we are building a float for any 'specials' he needs.
It is hard coming to terms with the 'boarding' thing and having to begin to sort out financial affairs that may have become very tangled over the years.

springlamb Tue 18-Sep-12 10:45:00

Also, in some areas you can claim a bursary of about £1500pa for a 16-yr-old. This is meant to partially replace the EMA payment which is now stopped. However, I think it is means-tested and very strict criteria. But it might be worth checking with the school to see if you can apply.

bigbluebus Sun 23-Sep-12 10:51:20

Check with your Local Authority and see if they have a Welfare and Benefits Dept. They will be able to carry out an assessment and tell you exactly what your DD (and you) should be claiming now that she is 16.

As springlamb says, you should have been contacted by DWP to assess if your DD is capable of managing her own financial affairs, or if they need to appoint you (or someone else) to manage benefits on her behalf. If they have not contacted you, and your DD cannot manage her own money, then ring them - they forgot about doing this for DD even though I had ticked the correct box on DD DLA renewal forms.

DD still lives at home as she goes to a local Special school, but there were big changes in the way we claimed benefits for her, which we only found out through a benefits assessment. Appreciate your DD's case will be slightly different as she is at residential college, but you still need to make sure that any necessary changes have been made Post 16.

RafflesWay Wed 24-Oct-12 12:51:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kakool Wed 24-Oct-12 23:55:15

Thank-you all.
You are all very kind

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