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Ds Not accepting dx, long sorry

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crisisofidentity Wed 29-Aug-12 20:08:04

I have been a bit on and off these boards and made a few name changes.
Anyway ds is 17, he received dx of AS at 12, late I know.
Well he has been doing so well at school, and has matured so much, he thinks he doesn't really have AS, I know it is mild, and to certain extent it's not obvious.
He changed school for 6th form last year, he didnot declare his AS. He has been getting along, but misjudging a few situations, he seems very confident, but I am worried about him.
He didn't get the grades he thought he would at AS level. he is bright, but I wish he would accept some advice. He needs the exam requirement really spelt out to him in unambiguous terms, he used to be allowed extra time for his GCSE's.
Should I contact his school? He is meant to be doing his UCAS soon.
Apart from two weeks on an organised camp he has been out about 3 times this holiday.

I am so worried about him not being able to make it at university, which is what happen to my DB.
Sorry it's long.

kitakat Thu 27-Sep-12 13:07:04

Know you posted this sometime ago but I have been offline for sometime and happened to come across your post today.

My dd was also diagnosed at 12 (now13) and she finds it hard to accept her diagnosis and school has been a struggle.

Obviously we are not at the stage you and you ds are (age and school) but could you maybe speak to school and see if they feel he needs help and then they could maybe discreetly talk to him without mentioning his diagnosis.

Actually, does he have a consultant he still sees? would they be able to talk to him about school, this may be better than the first idea of mine because I do know from xperience that going to school and listening to their advice cansometimes backfire on you(I recently found this out the hard way)so needs careful thinking about first.

Hope this can be of some help or have you now sorted out the issue.

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