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i have such mixed feelings - DS got his uni start date.....

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ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Aug-12 20:08:36

i think he is moving out 5th september.

everytime i think about it i have such mixed feelings - one minute im crying, then, i cant bleeding well wait.....<and feel very guilty>

today he went visiting a friend in Nottingham.
he has just phoned to say he has missed his train and forgot his keys....wont be home until midnight - will anyone be up?? hmm im off work at min, but had i not been, i would have been on nights and he would not have got in at all.

so at times like this i cant wait for him to go
then i realise that if this happens at uni he will not have me to let him in.....

god. does it get any easier - ever??? he hasnt saved any money for the downpayment on his accommodation, hasnt a clue which room he has got, and didnt tell them he needed to be with other year 3 students......

im so tired.
and yet - i suspect - that when he goes i will not rest very easily at night.....
im going to have a wine

WetAugust Sun 26-Aug-12 00:40:27

Hi Vic

Will he get any additional assistance at Uni from the Disability Service there?

If he continues to have problem after problem when he's at Uni you can ask Uni to support your request for a referral to social services in the Uni's area. That's what we did. SS did an assessment and DS was awarded Direct Payments to pay for someone from the NAS to help him with all the non-educational stuff - like remembering to eat!

Just keep an eye on him for the first few months and judge what to do.

I'm joing you in a wine

Princessjonsie Wed 12-Jun-13 18:46:48

My son does not have any special needs and you have just described him to the letter. He sounds like a very normal young adult to me. When he went to Uni in his first year I was terrified. He had done nothing at home,cooked,washed and managed money. He struggled a bit and I had loads of calls for advise but by year two he does it all. He still does nothing when he is home and says he is on holiday. Given the chance they do rise to the challenge . Some things I found usefull. Endsleigh Insurance do a special student insurance that covers lost items including keys. They also cover contents if they leave there door unlocked etc. it's not expensive. The Uni have great support and they are used to this type of things. They will speak to you if he give permission and are happy for you to speak about finances , room allocation and the like. Good luck

BreadNameBread Mon 15-Jul-13 00:20:39

I agree with PrincessJonsie, you have described my DS's perfectly. (No special needs) They manage and they learn. smile. My eldest is in his third year at Uni and has matured so much. He is not perfect hmm but he is much more organised now.
I have been pleasantly suprised at how much my DS's friendship groups and flatmates support each other.

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