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Mental health isues, ASD, depression etc...(19 yo dss)

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Marne Sat 11-Aug-12 20:54:50

Hi, i have also posted this in mental health but didn't get any relpies sad

Hi, i have posted on here about my step son in the past. 6 months ago he had a breakdown after being depressed and smoking weed. He was phycotic, showed signs of Schizophrenia and depression. We also suspect that he maybe on the autistic spectrum as both my dd's are diagnosed with ASD (looking back at dss's childhood he showed a lot of ASD traits and possable ADHD traits).

Anyway after a few weeks he seemed to be doing well, was having therapy and taking anti-d's, then he started disapearing (from his mothers home) for days/weeks at a time, we found out he was not taking his medication and had got involved in a bad group of lads. Last wed he had another break down. Before the breakdown he had taken out loans using his mothers account, borrowed money from family and friends, apparently he was buying drugs to give to these lads as he wanted them to be his friends, he was also taking them shopping to buy clothes etc. We know he has been taking drugs (possably coke but i'm not 100% sure), a few days before the breakdown he had come home and had apparently come off the drugs and was back in touch with the mental health service.

He's now phycotic again (hearing voices, doesn't trust anyone) and has been givenseveral different medications, he's at home with his mum as the hospital has no space for him.

We dont know where to go from here, we strongly susspect he has ASD but we are worried he will be diagnosed with schizophrenia because of the phycosis and we are worried that this will keep happening and each time it will get worse, we are worried we will lose him .

Mental health services are visiting him every day but they only really seem to be treating him with medication and not actually looking for the cause.

Dss is 19, i have known him sinse he was 10 and he has always been different, never happy, never thionks about how his actions will effects overs, self harmed from a early age and hardly talks unless its a subject he is obsessed with (football or x-box).

Any advice welcome xx

Kladdkaka Sun 12-Aug-12 11:02:07

No advice, sorry. Just wanted to offer understanding. As a parent of a 19 with ASD I know only too well how they can take you to hell and back. The biggest change in my daughter came about from lots and lots of CBT.

Keep strong.

WetAugust Sun 26-Aug-12 01:00:14

Try to get him to his GPs and go with him to explain your concerns about possible undiagnosed ASD. You should ask to be referred for a formal assessment.

There are still doctors out there who wrongly misdiagnose ASD as schizophrenia - we had the misfortune to have to deal with one so I know just how damaging and dangerous a misdiagnosis can be.

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