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Did your AS DC go to university? Please talk to me about entry requirements!

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Idratherberiding Thu 09-Aug-12 10:18:54

Hi, DS1 is going into Year 11 in September and we are thinking forward to what he'll be doing after that (hopefully Music at A Level and some GCSE re-sits). He attends a unit tacked onto a mainstream school, he seems to cope quite well with school although academically he is quite poor in all subjects (expected to get Es and Ds in his GCSEs), except for music where he really is (sorry if this sounds big-headed) quite special on the guitar. The university in our town runs a degree course in songwriting and performance which sounds right up his street, but there is no way he will ever get the UCAS points required to get in. I expect he'll do quite well at Music A Level, and he also has his guitar Grade qualifications though. I have emailed the uni to ask them if the entry requirements for SEN kids are the same as non-SEN kids, but in the meantime, while I wait for their reply, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience of this? This is just one option we're exploring, if he can't go then it's not the end of the world, we'll just cross it off our list and try and find something else for him to do. Thanks in advance!

WetAugust Sun 26-Aug-12 00:55:29

I've PM'd you

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