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Anyone help with this?

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EddieIzzardIsMine Sun 08-Jul-12 17:17:27

I've posted in Chat/SN Children too but posting here too asking for help desperately and hoping someone might know - my brother is 15 and has always been 'odd', has never had any real friends for long periods of time, finds maintaining a conversation difficult unless its about whatever he wants to talk about/is currently obsessed with.

He's homeschooled as he was very badly bullied at senior school and although he goes to courses, college taster days etc he never really seems to 'connect' with anyone.

He's never had a girlfriend or any real interest in girls afaik, he plays computer games constantly and doesnt really help my mum around the house at all, even when asked, still very childish in some respects but much older in others, enjoys gardening and has very fixed political views for example.

He also frequently flies into rages and gets very upset (mainly about having no friends or our father having no contact for over 10 years)

He also 'snaps' out of these sometimes, for example him and my mother were arguing and he stormed out of the room, minutes later he poked his head round the door and said 'peepo' and was laughing as though everything was fine again.

My mum is completely on her own with this, our father hasnt had any support contact in over 10 years and has severe depression so understandably is at her wits end - what could this 'be'? How to help/go forward from here? Theres loads more I could add but I've tried to be concise although I know its a bit jumbled

Davros Sat 14-Jul-12 08:33:24

It does sound very much like Aspergers. I would start by looking at the National Autistic Society website and find out if there is a local branch where your mum could get support and may be able to develop contacts for your brother. Perhaps gardening is something to be developed for him, I have heard many times of this being something people with AS enjoy and there are various schemes although I'm not sure where you are in the country. HTH

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