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dyslexia test - above average except visual section which was way below average-translation?????

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lj73unique Mon 28-May-12 01:34:24

this year has been a waste of time for my 16yr old son school-wise.he scraped through standard grades last year-its been apparent to me that he is some sort of lost knowing what/how to revise,he was skipping classes and avoiding tests and deadlines.Finally confessing to me and holding hands up that hes really struggling.i spoke to school and asked he waits til next year to sit this years highers-not ideal but his confidence is pretty low and i figure fails arent gonna improve it any-i also spoke to support teacher that he said he has to unjumble everything-had answered the question in some tests then realised hed misunderstood itt - looses consentration and hadnt finished some tests because he writes so slowly-thats always been a prob for him.I was advised they only test for dyslexia-so i said could they do that then...So,ive been told theyve identified asn - hes not dyslexic apparently he scored above/well above average in all sections of dyslexia test except the visual section - then offered little or no details or explanation-the asn teacher told me she couldnt/wasnt qualified to interpret result-but was "interesting" and the ed psyc has recommended he is referred to local visual outreach group but it could take some of the opinion that A)i dont know a damn thing theyre talking about B)time is of the essence,hes goin into final year.Ive made a pointment with my own doctor and the head of asn at school in hope someone or both can guide me re what it means/how to help-any ideas please?

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