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DD 15 ADHD and ODD her world has collapsed.........

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devientenigma Thu 24-May-12 08:45:44

..........she has had a relationship with her BF for over 2 year. It ended last night. Obvipusly really hurt as we all would, just can't get through to her the pain will end. She is becoming really angry and aggressive. She is also keep phoning him. I don't know whether to stop her or let this run it's course. I don't know how much would be to do with her ADHD etc. Any advice would be great, TIA x

SusanneLinder Thu 24-May-12 12:15:20

It is the normal stages of grief, and understandable that she is getting angry. Let her be angry if she wants, by phoning him she just wants an explanation (I assume he hasn't given her one). However if she is constantly phoning him ,you need to remind her that she could be in trouble for harassment.

At the moment she thinks her world has ended, probably made worse by her ADHD, but I would leave her to work things out herself,but keep an eye on her, and encourage her to talk if she wants, make sure she is eating and taking some exercise. Would she take physical exercise eg bike ride,going to gym, swimming? Adrenalin would help work of her anger.

Does she have friends that she can have a chat with/go for a coffee?

devientenigma Sun 27-May-12 21:52:57

thanks Susanne, she is getting there, had a tough few days, didn't realise the situation would make me feel as down as what I have. She has filled her time quite well plus she has a part time job to take her mind off things as such, however he works there also and tonight is her 1st night where they may collide lol. We are also away this weekend, she has a disabled brother who is very socially anxious and refuses to leave home, so we book a haven/pontins weekend for her to access facilities/nightlife and stuff. He was meant to come with us, but she is now bringing a friend, though still need to get through the he was supposed to be here. Plus her brothers respite has fell through and now needs to come.

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