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Dyspraxic? teen, please help me...

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thedogsrolex Sun 22-Apr-12 18:12:45

Apologies in advance, this may be long. When ds started Primary school it became obvious to his teachers that he had some difficulties. At first I admit to not being very concerned. He was a bright, happy child and perfectly behaved although he did seem to have a few unusual fears (loud noises, music, wet food, buttons). He was my first child and I had absolutely no experience with children before I had him.

He started seeing an o/t and a senco. The senco decided he was Dyspraxic. Not having much of a clue about things, I didn't realise at the time we needed an official diagnosis. He had a lot of help at Primary and they took it very seriously so I never had need to worry. When he transferred to Secondary the o/t told me she could not see him anymore.

There have been a few puzzling incidents at secondary although I assumed they were aware of his difficulties as he still sees a senco. It was only late last year I found out that his senco has never seen his school records and that she came to the conclusion he was Dyspraxic herself. I contacted both schools and somewere between them his records have been lost. I've contacted them repeatedly, they never speak to me and don't call back. He does get help, but not as much as he needs. The last time he had a review, his tutor seemed delighted that he was on target for his predicted grades - E and F. I know he can do better. I'm kicking myself for not taking him to the gp sooner but I honestly didn't know I needed to at the time. So, knowing now how long these things can take, I realise it's going to be difficult to get a diagnosis before he leaves school next year. I will take him, but how can I help him at home?

His short term memory is very poor and he struggles badly with instructions. He doesn't make friends easily and has become reliant on the internet for same age company. I wouldn't say he's withdrawn, he's eager to make new friends outside of school. The problem with this is that we live in an area where there is nothing for teens to do apart from hang around the streets getting into trouble and he doesn't want a part of that (every cloud I guess).

He's prone to getting into things to the point of obsession. Once he gets an idea into his head there's no shifting it. For example, the latest is toothpaste. That sounds funny and much like typical teenage vanity I suppose but he's so unconcerned with his looks he rarely visits a mirror and often has a dirty mark on his face where he's wiped his mouth on his hand. (Something else he doesn't seem to "get"). He went on and on and on every day for months about whitening toothpaste even though I insisted they don't really work and his teeth aren't yellow. He still makes me buy a different one every time we run out. He often tries to convince me I need to throw out clothes because they have a mark on them, when in fact it's the pattern..and he's seen it how many times before? He has in the past put on my clothes, thinking they're his own (I dont means skirts obviously), jeans and t shirts the same colour as his and he doesn't even notice.

He is now obsessed with some rp gaming site. Sits in his room and ignores me when I call him. When I go to bed he sneaks down and turns the internet back on. He's not getting enough sleep. I lost my rag recently and physically took the laptop out of his hands. He kicked off and called me every name under the sun...yet his behaviour at school and with other people is perfect, I often get complimented on it.

I'm sorry this is so long but i'm so worried about him, I don't want him to balls up his education and he does try, that's the thing. I find his behaviour contrary and confusing.

wasuup3000 Sun 22-Apr-12 18:27:56

Just as a parent it sounds like a little more than dyspraxia. Have you looked at pointers for Aspergers. I am not saying that he may have this, just to see what you think as it sounds more along those lines than dyspraxia alone.

thedogsrolex Sun 22-Apr-12 18:48:34

I haven't, I know very little about it. If anyone has any ideas i'd be really greatful. I figured this would be the best place to ask. I have googled his "symptoms" as such numerous times but you know what google is like. I think it's better to just put it here and see if it rings any bells with anyone. My friend's child has some of the same symptoms and was diagnosed with ocd but I looked that up and it doesn't seem like ds at all.. I don't know if it's relevant but there's anxiety, ocd and depression in my family and his father's.

thedogsrolex Sun 22-Apr-12 19:31:37

Bumping, desperate for this not to disappear...I could really do with looking into this tomorrow. Thankyou wasuup, does anyone else agree/disagree have ideas/input too?

wasuup3000 Sun 22-Apr-12 21:52:42

Just to add I have 3 with ASD - look up the national autistic societies woebsites for more info to see what you think - maybe?

wasuup3000 Sun 22-Apr-12 21:53:23

*woebisites?? meant website

thedogsrolex Sun 22-Apr-12 22:01:21

woebisites may be a good word for how I feel right now (adds to list of lovely made up words I intend to use at some point). I'll take a butchers, thankyou! grin

wasuup3000 Sun 22-Apr-12 22:07:22

You are welcome smile

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