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AM i the only one dreading post 19

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2shoes Sun 22-Apr-12 11:30:50

dd is 17 so we are now looking at post 19
anyone else? I would love to chat

magso Mon 23-Apr-12 08:39:13

Hi 2shoes.
My son is 12 but I am on a course at present ( because it sounded like it is the last time it will be run) so have started thinking about the options. Ds school ( an MLD) stops at 16, and there is very little for children who are not able to do standard exam courses post 16 - the SLD/PMLD school which continues to 19 is always full. I guess the system for transition varies from county to county. Ill health (mine) has made me think ahead, and frankly I struggle with the sheer physicality ofcaring for my nearly teen ( who is almost my height) already especially when he is upset.
The course has helped me to feel less hopeless about the future for ds. The support for children leaving MLDs or MS is poor so I know I will need to gear up for a long fight ( again). I love my son dearly but do not think he will be happy stuck at home with me, especially now I am less active. He needs to be busy and active and have friends.
What are your hopes and worries for your daughter? Are you looking for further training?

Agincourt Mon 23-Apr-12 09:03:45

We aren't looking yet (dd is 13) but I am already dreading it. We get very little support off SS and I think this will go against us and I am fearing that they will expect her to stay at home 24/7. My friend has a child the same age as your dd 2shoes and she very high level needs (has the mental age of a toddler) and her social worker expects her to accept a place at college without a 1-2-1 support worker shock

magso Wed 25-Apr-12 08:49:47

I have the same fears Agincourt. That is where the need to gear up for a fight comes in I suspect. Why should our young folk not start to build their own lives like other young people?
2Shoes how are you?

Agincourt Wed 25-Apr-12 10:13:00

I don't think they even care tbh sad My friend said that it's about time SS just admitted they don't give a shit about children like ours

2shoes Wed 25-Apr-12 10:14:38

sorry just came back,
tbh I was hoping to find someone who was going through it and could chat to me. it is such a big step.

magso Wed 25-Apr-12 14:45:30

Its a huge step perhaps the biggest so far ( or is that my nerves showing). Its helpful to have others at the same stage or further along. Most the people on my course were further along the path than me and at the stage of looking for suitable placements for post 16/19. Having listened to all the options I think ds may well be best in his own place - preferably in a supported block or house with similar age and ability peers with common activities he can join in with but post 16 comes before that for us and a lot could change between now and then!
Hope others come along 2 shoes and good luck to you and DD.

magso Wed 25-Apr-12 14:47:55

Oh and if your first decision is not working it can be changed.

springlamb Sun 27-May-12 23:07:15

Hi 2shoes, I only check in every so often so only just seen this. (Thought I had you on FB but it seems not).
Well, you haven't given yourself much time to wind down after the post-16 worries before plunging into our next lot!
Think ours are now both Yr 12s aren't they. DS will turn 18 in November. He is flexi-boarding at his new school about 45 mins from home. It's in Kent so a different county which makes his post-19 even more difficult as our current 'home' borough will only fund 3 years.
However, his school have already arranged for the Kent Connexions (well, she is still calling herself that) to see him although of course she cannot do anything really as he is not on 'her' patch, and he has been to a seminar about the options. He is hoping to go on to a Kent college.
It's all too difficult to arrange from our current borough and with my youngest about to go into Yr 6 with secondary applications to make we have decided we have to move to Kent.
14 years stuck in this borough as we daren't move in case it jeopardised his primary/secondary school place.
Now desperate to move in order to secure his future education!
I am now teaching at a post-16 unit for students with MLD/SLD and I know one of our leavers had an assessment visit last week down to a school nearer to you than me. I will ask around for any places that might suit your young lady, although if I recall you will be looking for a place tilted more to physical disability?

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