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Please could you help a good friend of mine? Desperately need help.

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Chocol8 Mon 12-Sep-11 20:27:08

I have had some brilliant advice from Mumsnetters when my ds (Asperger's/ADHD) was violent when he was younger, so i am asking for some more great advice on behalf of a friend of mine.

Her partner has 2 children, one of whom is nearly 15 yrs old. He was diagnosed with ADHD and is currently on 50mg Equasym daily. This apparently wears off after about 2hrs leaving him a very violent boy. He has punched his younger sister in the face, he revels in violence, guns etc and enjoys inflicting pain on others including his family and animals.

Today he broke a glass in to some washing up water and told his Mum to put her hands in it and also attacked his sister again. They're currently on holiday abroad and has texted me as she is aware of the violence shown by my ds toward me. However, i am stuck for what to suggest.

His behaviour naturally scares them all and they feel that perhaps there is something that may so far be undiagnosed. They have to barricade their bedroom doors at night after him threatening to kill them.

He left home once earlier this year but came back after a few weeks begging for another chance - since then, his behaviour is ten times worse. They have been seriously considering him staying with either his grandparents or another relative as they are scared for their safety.

Does anyone have any advice for my friend please? We would both be very grateful. Thank you.

bigbluebus Wed 14-Sep-11 09:30:08

Sorry, no experience of this type of behaviour thankfully, but they obviously need to go back to the professionals who diagnosed the ADHD (presumably they are still in contact if he is on medication).
Can't see how him moving in with grandparents or other relatives will help - that just moves the problem elsewhere (although it would keep his sister safe). Think they stand a better chance of getting the help they need if another child in the family is at risk.
Clearly the medication is not sufficient and needs altering.

Chocol8 Wed 14-Sep-11 19:09:08

Thanks for your reply Bigbluebus, i agree with you that his medication needs changing - and fast - but not sure this will solve his behaviour.
Sadly they are at their wits end with his violent behaviour and actually fear for their lives. I really don't know what else to suggest to them.

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