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Advice on getting Dyslexia advice wanted

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SydSaid Tue 23-Aug-11 14:18:51

Hi there

My son is very bright, gets on well at school with one exception - writing and to a lesser extent, reading. I have looked at other symptoms, and he shaes quite a few - cutlery in the wrong hands, difficulty learning to tie shoelaces, frustration to name just three.

He himself thinks he might be dyslexic, which is what led me into reading up on it in the first place. I have spoken to his guidance teacher at school who was great, and he said he would get the ASN dept to speak to him that same week. They haven't. He spoke to my son on Friday to check, and he said he would get them to speak to him yesterday. They still haven't.

Obviously, my first point of contact is with the guidance teacher again, and failing that the ASN dept directly. But are there other options available to me? The school is generally great, but I have heard about failings within that department (refusal to provide a scribe and reader to a dyslexic child, which led to the child having to move schools and his results went from failing everything to passing everything at B/C level).

We are in Scotland, in case that's relevant.

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