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ADHD and broader autism phenotype

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sponkle Mon 15-Aug-11 15:19:23

My DS1 has been diagnosed today with ADHD and also broader autism phenotype. I have been pushing for years to get him referred to be tested and finally went private as was getting nowhere fast. I am just so relieved that at long last he can get the help he has so desperately needed for so long-they are going to prescribe meds for the ADHD, but still feel a bit overwhelmed and emotional as was not expecting the BAP at all.

The school have completely written him off-excluded him for being disruptive and now only offering private tutoring for Maths and English GCSE and maybe a part time course at college in car mechanics or painting and decorating....anyone had similar experience or got any suggestions how I can push for a better education for him in light of diagnosis, now that I can prove he isn't just naughty!????

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