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asd and toileting - are there exceptions?

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cerealmother Wed 10-Aug-11 16:46:58

Can all children with asd spld be toilet trained?

DS4 (11.2) can wee to order, but if left alone will wet himself.

Any help greatly appriciated! smile

magso Mon 05-Sep-11 09:10:05

I do not know the answer to that but am bumping for you. Ds is 11 and also needs reminding although he tends to run to the loo once wet. He is getting better and has emerging social awareness that wet patches are not acceptable which I hope will drive some improvement! It has got worse over the summer - perhaps because it is less uncomfortable to be damp in warmer weather?
He went off to sn secondary today and I wonder how he will cope without a teacher to send the whole class to the loo!! I am wondering about a watch alarm (malem make one but at £50+) to remind him - except he would probably rip it off in annoyance!!
I did not find the eneresis service particularly helpful in solving continance issues for my less able ASD child - although they were very nice!

wraith Wed 28-Sep-11 18:24:49

most can some rare few never manage to connect the dots so to speak

im one, adult incon no sensation of needing so it can happen but its pretty unusual

magso Thu 13-Oct-11 12:14:50

Wraith that is intesting and thank you for replying.
I am convinced ds has poor awareness of his toileting needs but the specialist thinks he is lazy. Ds struggles to use the toilet when reminded ( for instance just before we go out) saying he does not need to go. Have you found anything helpful? Any suggestions to try - and anything you think is likely to be unhelpful? Thank you

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