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Driving lessons

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arlette Sun 17-Jul-11 19:13:38

My 16 year old son is desperate to learn to drive! He has moderate learning disabilities and is partially-sighted. However, he rides his bike sensibly and has good road sense. I am honest with him, so we've agreed to get the ophthalmologists opinion on his sight. If he passes that, we will get him a provisional driving licence and see how he gets on with lessons. Anyone else facing, or been through this?

Sueval Wed 14-Sep-11 11:37:38

Hope your son manages to get his provisional licence. My 18 year old daughter has got a provisional licence but was assessed by educational psychologist who noted that she has weak visuospatial skills. She is very nervous around traffic and has arthritis in her hips. Not sure how that could affect her ability to drive so going to have her assessed at Willian Merritt disabled living centre & mobility service in Leeds. There are a number of places around the country who will take self referrals (costing £75) from people with physical and/or learning disability and assess their ability to drive and recommend any adaptations etc.
Hope this info useful. Good luck,

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