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-ds needs help in secondary school-

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wfrances Tue 05-Jul-11 11:19:16

backround info
ds is 12 ,very bright in mainstream secondary school.
we are finding him being a small fish in a big pond a problem
he does not have a statement as our la doesnt do it unless they have a specific disorder.
as it stand my son has traits of many different disorders but nothing they could define,so has been left to try and cope alone, always trying to make a situation work around him.
in school he is fine unless something unexpected happens so doesnt need one on one .
he cant tell the time. tie laces. work machinery in dt. hates being touched,
hates noise /doesnt tolerate other children well. thinks everything is black and white. did not speak until he was nearly 4 - ,he cant see to himself in new situations/ wont answer phone or door .i could go on and on
he also has phobias and is obsessive with objects.
we have had 3 occasions now ,and im starting to get very concerned that the school are not helping him enough /
he came home from school blue ,unable to talk ,fighting for breath ,been like that for hours.he would not tell a member of staff -(he doesnt know what to say)and nobody bloody noticed...took him to hospital where they said he had an acute viral asthma attack.
came home pacing around and wringing his hands ,turns out he cant use the sewing machine ...teacher had shown him countless times but he still couldnt do it,,,teacher was getting angry ,and saying your not listening ect...
latest one ,his drink spilt in bag ,he braved up and went and told his teacher and she said ,i dont care its not my problem.
he went without food and drink all day because he was not directed to the office(he would never just go,he would have to be told}
what needs to be done to help him???

purplepidjin Tue 05-Jul-11 11:31:56

I think I've read your AIBU!!

Push for Statutory Assessment and link this thread to SN: Children where there's a LOT more traffic.

Keep him off for a bit if you can, let him have a nice long break time to recover from his virus because he's infectious wink

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