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sn son expelled from sn school

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flyinstar Mon 04-Jul-11 21:41:30

hi,i havn,t been around for a while,but my son who is severly autistic with uncontrolled epilepsy,has just been expelled from school.
can,t quite believe it,he has always been challenging ,and has been at the school since he was 5,he is now 13.
looking for advice really,has anyone else had a child expelled from sn school?
can anyone give me advice on a way forward??
should also say he was expelled for violent behavour towards staff....

HarrietJones Mon 04-Jul-11 21:45:37

IME in a SN school only one child was expelled and that was pretty severe behaviour. His parents knew it would happen at some point and tbh it was the only way he'd get the residential school he needed.

Did you have any warning? Was his behaviour extreme by his standards or was the behaviour escalating?
What do you want to happen? What have the LEA said?

flyinstar Mon 04-Jul-11 21:59:51

his behavour ,has always been the same,albeit,he is bigger and faster now.
we,as much as we are struggling,just can,t bring ourselves to residential yet....,although we know it will come.
there was no warning,we had just had his annual review,and although the school ourselves,and my sons team were talking of new strategies and positive changes to his school day.there was nothing in that meeting to make me alarmed in any way.
infact ,we also arranged another meeting for the end of term,to see how the changes had helped????
there has already been a m.a.g meeting,but they couldn,t over rule head,even if they wanted to.
he is a very complex young man,who will be difficult to place,any school suitable,is at least an hour each way ,each day.

HarrietJones Mon 04-Jul-11 22:15:25

Was the violence more extreme? Just wondering if he crossed their 'limit' so to speak as it doesn't sound like the end of their tether.

You need to make sure you don't get fibbed off by 'it's nearly the end of term' re new provision/support. If they can't provide a school ASAP ask about home tuition and they'll probably offer something unsuitable so check them on that. From your post you don't want to be at home with him for 8 weeks before they do anything. Remember lots of LEA staff will be off all summer too.

flyinstar Tue 05-Jul-11 18:18:18

yes i think he did push them to their limits,but its the way they did it.
from our point of view,they only had 4 weeks til the end of term,they knew my mum had died on the sat,and expelled him on the wed.
they have offered to send in agency staff,but in past experience ,all we get is staff that are not experienced in working with a challenging child,so we end up babysitting the respite carer.
we had reps from an sn school out to visit us today,and we are going to see the school tomorrow,but like you say ,he will be home until sept term starts with little or no support...
its not that i don,t want him home,but when you are dealing with this level of behavour constantly ,it wears you down,he also scares my youngest children,3 and 6.its about trying to stop my family going into crisis,and keeping the equilibrium,thanks harriet for your advice,its apreciated.

HarrietJones Wed 06-Jul-11 06:44:38

Good luck, I know I'm not a lot of help but don't let them leave you with nothing !

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