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Aspergers in employment

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TheQuiet Thu 03-Mar-11 08:56:11

Can anyone share positive experiences of disclosing or not disclosing Asperger in employment?

Is there a winning game plan of getting and keeping jobs for AS individuals?

I know this is not strictly teens, but maybe you would know some adults with AS?

bittersweetvictory Thu 03-Mar-11 19:25:03

my DS has aspergers and is nearly 18, at the moment he is doing a working towards employment course at the local college and a work placement at an internet cafe as he is a bit of a computer buff, this is all supported through college.
i would say that it depends on the individual and how good they are at coping in certain situations, for example i do not see my DS ever working directly with the public and having to deal with difficult situations as i dont think he could cope due to social anxiety but a job in IT would suit him.
As for disclosing whether a person has aspergers depends again on the individual, they might need extra support, i dont think there is a winning game plan though i wish there was.
I have a SW who is helping me with all the options like supported employment etc.

Davros Fri 04-Mar-11 19:13:14

Have you looked at Prospects which is the employment service run by the NAS? I have heard good things about it.

saffy66 Tue 02-Aug-11 21:56:00

hi bittersweetvictory
I am just browsing on this topic and come across your post. My son is also nearly 18 and just in the process of being diagnosed with Aspergers. It is a relief and a worry for me the same time. I would love to exchange experiences with people in the same situation . It is very new to me . My son is currently in 6th form and will apply to go to uni - that is the plan at least. I am seeing his psychologist on Thursday to get some more guidance how to deal with this.

wraith Wed 28-Sep-11 18:27:26

my employer was informed of my needs and they were pretty good about it, bit uncomfortable dealing with continence issues but the supers know what thell find in my bag in bag check and also to give me one thing at a time

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