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Feeling left out

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splishsplashsploshsplish Fri 05-Jul-19 10:28:49

When my DS started primary school, we made friends with 6-7 neighbouring families in the village. None of us knew each other previous to our DC starting school.

A few months into them starting school, my DS was diagnosed with ASD. He is a very happy chap, hf and quite sociable, so he continued in main stream schooling until two years ago, but our family life has taken a differing route and school has been a different experience. He is now in a brilliant school which is adapted to his needs and excelling.

We stayed friends with everyone as we all had other kids.

Anyway, I just found out that the other parents are having an end of primary school party for their kids tonight. The mum who is hosting has even been round for a cuppa this morning but of course, nothing was mentioned.

Of course they can invite who they like and of course they are not obliged to send him an invitation. It just hurts a little that because my son is in a special needs school, he hasn't been included in this little ritual. He still asks about the other children and even though he doesn't understand the rituals of play, he likes to see them. As he goes by taxi to his school, I don't know any of the other parents, except one who is moving away tomorrow.

I guess this is just another thing that he won't get to be part of. 

staydazzling Fri 26-Jul-19 19:25:29

thats shitty and i would be inclined tbh to ask why he had been excluded, if u felt confident enough.

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