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My 5 year old wont do his home work

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SAMKITTY Wed 14-Nov-18 19:18:59

My 5 year old boy with artisum wont do home work its not becouse he refuses he physically carnt he gets so destressed and brakes his heart he says hes done his work at school he has sensory needs and is hypersensitivity environmental factors affect him i did explain to the school that we are doing our best to find better ways but i carnt put him under pressure it causes him to brake i was told off the head teacher that regardless he has to do it thats that and no child regardless gets out of doing it there is no exceptions i explained that im not asking for him to be exclude from it its still early days since his diagnosis and we are trying all we can but still we carnt force it can anyone please give any advice i would be greatful

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