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5 yearl old non verbal autism daughter and mainstream school

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Mygirlmyworld Mon 24-Sep-18 10:45:07

My daughter has just turned 5 she is so clever funny and beautiful she was diagnosed asd 2 years ago (spd, adhd, ocd, undiagnosed) I have so many worries now she has been in mainstream school 2 weeks she is non verbal (can talk breaks me to say she will talk to anything but me) she is not mixing at all and didn't mix with the kids in nursery for the 3 years she was there 😞 she got refused special school cos she doesn't meet there criteria yet was given the highest 121 teacher (I'm as yet to meet this teacher just the teachers in her class) my girl goes in suffering everyday with her headphones on all the kids are in full time my girl does half day. We haven't seen her pd since Feb and coz I cancelled her appointment recently (had a appointment myself cancer scare) her next appointment is August next year!!! I'm disgusted there has been no help for her..

She doesn't sleep there is night's she will wake up at midnight and will not go asleep till 9pm the next night 😞 I have so many worries her noise tolerance, touching her is at her request. She doesn't talk just repeats everything she has heard on the pad or telly. She is constantly eating my hair gets frustrated with me hits out 😞 there is days I'm lost she doesn't like to go anywhere noisy crowded or new so we are stuck. Fussy eating is a nightmare. I'm not with her dad (him or his family don't see her for months at a time 😞 it's just me and her. I want her to thrive in school but how can she do that by being frightened of the 40 kids running around having fun like kids do (she tolerated 7 kids at nursery) is be so much less scared if she could talk and tell me what was going on instead of me searching her eyes and body language 🙈 I love her with all my heart I wouldn't change anything but to talk to her 😢

Nogodsnomasters Fri 28-Sep-18 23:22:08

Oh op this sounds so hard, I really sympathise with you. First thing I would do is ask if you can get a short meeting/chat with her one to one support worker and discuss how they feel she is coping in school. Advise the classroom teacher that you would like more frequent updates than other parents because of her difficulties, maybe once a fortnight even a quick 10 min chat. Having this information will help you to either feel reassured that she's coping as best as can be expected or if she's not coping and you can go down the route of appealing the decision for her to be moved to a special needs school. Sending hugs xx

anniehm Fri 19-Oct-18 08:05:08

How is it going now? My daughter struggled at first, she found the room too noisy and chaotic at first so they moved her to an older age group classroom with her 1:1 and she thrived. Friends were an issue but the school identified a couple of girls they thought might be empathetic and it worked, they still are in Facebook contact now (we have all since moved). We didn't start school until year 1 because we lived overseas (she was in an autism programme prior). The good news is she is now at university, has a support worker she meets weekly but otherwise all is good

Advicewouldbelovelyta Sun 03-Mar-19 21:23:27

That repeating thing is called Echolalia btw. I would ask for a meeting with her main teacher and her 1:1.
How does she communicate? Does she use a PECS book?

Ssarahharas Mon 08-Jul-19 14:45:06

I have a 5-year-old son with autism who cannot speak and we go to speech therapy to overcome it. Therapy fees are a bit expensive for us and we are looking for alternatives. We have found an app designed for children with autism called otsimo and they have an app about speech. We started using it and it was really useful. I would like to share the app's site with you, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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