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Advice needed, behavioural problems 8 year old boy and School separating him from other children

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Sparklingwhitewineplease Wed 18-Apr-18 12:31:08

I just need a little advice on what school could do to help this little boy make friends and stop fighting. He has recently lost his mother and struggles at school. Without going in to too much detail about his family school have decided to keep him away from all the other children but not intended as a punishment. He has access to computers and books along with a garden area and takes a child with him to play. This has been going on for months now. I’d just like to give some suggestions to School on how to get him back out playing with the other kids with support. He is on staged intervention 1 or 2. Any strategies other schools have used? Not sure that one to one support from staff would be possible.
Very grateful for any suggestions please.

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