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Think I have Asperger, what to do next?

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confused32 Fri 02-Mar-18 20:58:24

Hello, please be patient with me, I'm not an English native speaker, so please excuse any possible grammar mistakes.😰
It's been a couple days since I found an article about Asperger syndrome. I was amazed how much this suits on me, it literally described me very well and explain a lot. Since that I did some online tests and read a lot of articles about it and now I'm almost convinced that I may have Asperger syndrome. I'm very shaken about it, but on the other side it's kinda relief to know that there may be some explanation and reasons for a lot of things in my life.
My question is what should I do next? Go to GP? What should I tell them? I'm scared that they'll think that I'm just simply overreacting...😔

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