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Selective Mutism or Autism?

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sparklingharbour Sun 25-Feb-18 14:18:50

My 7 year old DD was diagnosed with Autism yesterday privately by a consultant paed following questionnaires and one 3 hour consultation.
But I wonder if it's right.
I feel she may have Selective Mutism.
I will of course go back and ask mote questions.
But wonder if anyone has experience of this?
At home she is very chatty, funny, eye contact, playful, funny and joyful, normal range of facial expressions huge imagination and has friends at school. As well though she is prone to angry outbursts sometimes. She struggles with change though getting better.

But she finds it very hard to talk to strangers or thise she is not comfortable with. She remains silent or uses a tiny voice with short sentences or one word answers little eye contact and presents an often blank face like she did at the consultation yesterday.

Could she have been misdiagnosed?

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