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Juggling work and ASD child

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Lightbulb57 Wed 21-Feb-18 13:41:03

Hi, the amount of various different appointments, meetings and so on that we are currently having for dd is starting to impact on work. Myself and dh are splitting the load, and as I only work 3 days I have been lucky that a lot of things fall on my days off, but it’s becoming untenable. Dd is on a phased return to school that is ongoing. I’m a teacher myself, and therefore there is zero flexibility with my job.

What is the solution? Quit my job but then we have no money and can’t pay the mortgage? Quit teaching and look for a more flexible job but then have to find childcare for school holidays? Keep my job but constantly have to have time off? What do other people do? How do people manage?

incywincyspideragain Sun 25-Feb-18 22:43:35

I'm struggling to - I know thats not helpful, I just replied so you know you aren't alone. I've passed up promotion and demoted myself and gone part time to 3 days a week, all in last year, and I'm not sure I can cope. My husband has a long commute, I do the childcare / working by myself.

How old is your dd? My ds is 11, now he's in secondary its getting harder and harder, my 'days off' are all reviews, appointments and plans, I hate it sad

Lightbulb57 Mon 26-Feb-18 14:26:21

It’s helpful to know others are going through the same. She is 7 and in Year 3 at the moment. You’re so right about ‘days off’’s exhausting. I spent last Thursday (my day off) on the phone ALL day to various different people, trying to chase things up for her. As a result I didn’t get any housework or other jobs done, let alone a chance to relax.

Can I ask why it is getting harder in secondary?

vickibee Fri 16-Mar-18 12:11:45

i was criticised by HT for saying it was difficult to attend appointments during work time, my son should come first which was really insulting. They are getting paid while they are sat there, you can't live on fresh air can you? I took on a part time role so I could be there for drop off and pick up and I have had so much time off lately for stuff that I think my employer is getting annoyed. don't know what the answer is though. Parental leave for disabled child is great but if only it could be paid..

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