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Please help!

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Lynzy Sun 18-Feb-18 07:09:38

I'm so worried about my 14 week old.
He appears in his own world. He does not look for contact from us. He stares at curtain poles, book shelves etc. He chooses these over faces but will give eye contact if you get in close. He does smile but it takes a lot of work to get a smile-tho he will grin at objects. He does not show interest in toys and does not reach out for anything. He does not respond to our voices. What do I do?

IlikemyTeahot Wed 07-Mar-18 23:44:46

have you spoken to a health visitor at your local clinic? I've got 3dc and all were so different with development I cant remember too well but I know around this age they are starting to notice their surroundings a bit more and usually start focusing on their own movements like kicking and holding light objects. (those little strap on wrist/ankle rattles are good fun) It's a good time to walk baby around the home and show them these objects of interest and talk about them etc. They seem to only want to pay attention to what's holding their interest at the time.

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