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Things getting on top of me

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Misspumpkin2017 Wed 29-Nov-17 10:01:47

This is my first time posting here although I am a serial lurker!
I have a little girl (4) and a son (2.5)
DS has developmental delays (possibly ASD but nobody is willing to commit to that), he's currently non verbal and cannot follow any request or instruction and also has sensory issues and physical issues with his legs. He is being screened for genetic/chromosome abnormalities
I work full time and I just can't keep up. He has so many appointments and today I've had to leave work to meet the area senco that the nursery reckon they informed me about, but didn't. Also, I had three hours sleep all night as he was up all night.
Does anyone have some advice on how better to manage or cope? Feel like I'm dropping all the balls! Thanks smile

fos6mo3 Thu 11-Jan-18 08:47:05

Are you claiming dla is there any way you could work part time you must be exhausted ?

Misspumpkin2017 Thu 11-Jan-18 09:36:31

Hi thanks for the reply
Yes we are receiving DLA
the role I do doesn't allow part time and financially it would be a struggle. But yes I'm exhausted. I have been away on a short break this week but even then everything is such hard work with my beautiful little man xxx

fos6mo3 Thu 11-Jan-18 20:19:26

I'm long term carer for a child with special needs and it is very exhausting very rewarding but exhausting x

Look after yourself as If you aren't well both physically and mentally then you are unable to care for your child. It's hard somethings not to get caught up in just caring for other and forget about ourselves.

Misspumpkin2017 Fri 12-Jan-18 06:12:37

Thank you for your reply!
Yes I think it's hard sometimes to make the time isn't it? DH runs his own business so he works probably 60hrs a week on average, and we have another dd too!

My little boy is a pleasure but I just find the stares and comments difficult. Yesterday we attended a sensory session and another family moved their baby away from him- it's very isolating! I'm lucky as I have good friends and family but I guess they don't understand either as how can you unless you are living it xxx

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