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13 year old asd son badly needs friends Swansea area

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Camsmumxxx Mon 27-Nov-17 23:26:04

Hi, my son is an a lovely kind fun boy with an amazing sense of humour. He is in an autism specific unit and alternates between there and mainstream for lessons. It breaks my heart every day to see him come home sad telling me he has sat alone for lunch again sad are there any parents in or around Swansea area with the same problem? If so maybe we could introduce them and hopefully help them make friends smile
Thank you for reading smile

Aughrim18 Thu 03-May-18 12:01:32

Also look at Warhammer Clubs - fantasy model making clubs which are very popular with teenagers with and without autism.

Aughrim18 Thu 03-May-18 12:02:32

My friend's two sons with Aspergers loved the clubs and was a lovely social outing on a Saturday morning

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