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I "hate" my autistic son

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specialneedsmumoftwo Sat 28-Oct-17 21:22:58

I don't even know how to begin this thread, but here it goes...please dont judge me. I just need some support. Im pretty troubled and desperate.

I had my son in 2014, he was 10 weeks premature and born by emergency c section. We ALMOST lost him. I've never fully gotten over this.

He's now 3 1/2, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay in march this year. His behaviour is challenging to say the least. He doesn't play with toys, he constantly whinges and meltdowns throughout the day. He also slaps us/bites/trashes the house. We are unable to do anything "fun" as a family, which is heartbreaking as we also have a younger daughter (18 months), who doesn't get any attention.

I hate being around my son, im on constant egg shells, and just don't know what to do anymore. No disciplinary approaches work, he slaps and bites his sister. He has very limited vocabulary. I've been on anti depressants for the past year....nothing helps. I look into his eyes and it's as if i don't know who he is. It's like he's pleading with me to understand, but I dont.

I have zero help from family and friends as no-one can handle him. Wherever we go, he cries and screams and meltdowns. Nothing is fun anymore. I know this may come across as me being selfish...but I want my kids to talk to me, to laugh with me, to have fun with me. I'm just broken and drained by it all. He never seems happy. I'm never happy. Me and his dad are at breaking point with it all. We've tried everything.

Deep rooted in all of this is that I blame myself. We've been told his issues are most likely from the under brain development from being premature. Why couldn't I have carried him for longer? I just wish we could meet the boy he might have been.

It makes it even harder that family members don't fully accept his diagnosis and just think that we aren't disciplining him.properly and are bad parents. I dread getting up in the morning, I dread being around him. His sister is a joy to be around, my son is just a drain sad I know I need to be strong for him but I'm running out of patience and strength. When he meltdowns I just feel out of control, angry, bitter and resentful about makes me feel breathless and out of control.

Hoblin2 Fri 03-Nov-17 07:36:07

So sorry to hear you’re struggling, but also this is completely normal for a parent with a child with autism. It can be incredibly hard, especially as others often don’t understand.

Have you ever heard of applied behaviour analysis therapy? ABA for short. It’s an evidence-based practiced proven to help support children with autism. Lots and lots and lots of evidence behind this practice, compared to pseudoscientific practices such as sensory therapy which has very little evidence. Having worked within the field for 4 years and seen challenging behaviours dramatically reduce after interventions I very highly recommend it.

I currently work at an ABA school, however ABA home programmes are very popular too. These include hiring a Board Credited Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) for your child, who puts together an intervention and then hires ABA tutors to help implement it.

I wish you all the best on your journey. Remember - you’re doing a great job. Being a mum is hard, never mind a mum to a child with autism.

Foxesjumpers Sun 19-Nov-17 14:52:39

You don't hate him, its because you love him so much that makes it all so stressful. Look after yourself as well him. Hypnotherapy really helped to reduce my anxiety around my ASD son. Expensive but worth it for me (and I had to be forced along thinking it would be no help....)

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