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Dd (4) won't wear jumpers

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Chamonix1 Tue 17-Oct-17 09:09:44

And to be honest, it’s always been a battle.
She’s been assessed for sensory processing disorder and possible autism. She’s come along really well in many ways, still some concerns but she’s just started school and settled in well.
However; she’s got her usual winter cough, that stays ALL winter and it’s not helped by the fact she won’t wear jumpers.
She has a real problem with them and I can’t work out what part of jumpers bothers her.
She prefers cardigans, with buttons (buttons seem to be the appeal here) but they aren’t as warm. She strongly dislikes the winter pull over school jumper, she will put both cardigan and jumper on before leaving the house, will then try to take it off before getting in the car and it’s straight off once in the classroom.
She hates coats, I’ve told her she must put her jumper on before leaving the classroom at playtime and after school she comes out with a thin waterproof on but undone (all I can get on her coat wise!).
I’ve tried layering, I can get away with a vest.
When she was smaller I just did it and dealt with the meltdown but I’m starting to feel like if this really upsets her this much she will really hate me for making her wear them.
How do you know when kids are just being awkward and when they really really are bothered by the texture/feel of their clothes?
Any suggestions from people who have overcome this issue?

Chamonix1 Tue 17-Oct-17 09:11:01

When I say she will put both cardigan and jumper on I mean on separate days ie; can get her to wear them just not keep them on!

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