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I think my son has autism need help

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user1494889427 Sat 24-Jun-17 21:51:26

I believe my son may be autistic, he was tested 2 years ago and received a negative result he was then tested last year for ADHD which was negative also(I already thought it would be negative). As he gets older things are going from bad to worse and when I think it can't get any more worse it does. He started off being violent in school against other children and in after school care which he was put out of due to an incident where he was restrained at 6 years old(which I never condoned) he is now at the stage of refusing to go to school he tries to control me and his dad who live seperatly(especially his dad) he won't sleep and is obsessed with the internet. He has started refusing also to have baths, brush teeth and even get haircuts. I feel he is getting worse and don't know what to do, he's violent and constantly defiant he will try to control every situation. As if he is the adult. I feel I'm loosing my child in a sense as he is getting worse as time goes on there is so much more to the story too much to write. He has poor motor skills and slightly delayed physical development, is there anything that can give me a sign of what may be going on with him as it's breaking my heart and I am so worried about his education and future anything would help. I thought I should add that he has poor social skills and plays better 1 2 1 rather in groups and tends to try to be friends with just one child and gets upset if others join.

roseexx91 Tue 19-Sep-17 20:49:20

Hi I'm new on here and can slightly relate to you only my son is an angel at school and takes his frustrations out on me at home he is 7 and was diagnosed with moderate learning difficulties when he was 6 he has special help at school and requires my full attention at home for homework etc he is also awaiting to be tested for asd the school think he may have a mild form of it due to his obsessions and anxietys with school work he is very shy at school and doesn't mix well in big groups in fairness he prefers his own company. He has worsened over the past year he has meltdowns over the slightest things almost everyday and this can go on for hours and it's so upsetting because it's hard to calm him down he also is a very fussy eater and will only wear certain clothes and I mean like one or two outfits I'm at the end of my teather I need answers

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