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Is this seperation anxiety?

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Asha101 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:48:53

Hi.. can someone please help me out! My 6yo daughter is currently under adhd & autism investigation so as you can imagine has always been very active, on the go ect... she loved all clubs, school, meeting new friends, playing in the court with her friends and all of a sudden since the last week in september has became 'scared' shes stopped all clubs, played sick to get sent home from school, says her tummy/head/back/knee (everything) is sore when shes to go to school! She wont leave my side anymore, if i stand up she screams where are you going and jumps up after me. She used to go to bed around half 7/8 alone and now she wont stay upstairs without me at all she keeps telling me she doesnt want me to die?? I dont understand the big change i no kids go through phases but this is a serious change shes like a different child!! Im so furstrated as i know how much she loves all the clubs and playtime with friends and i no she is missing it but she just wont bring herself to leave my side. Its braking my heart to watch her and not no whats caused it. Ive asked her why she thinks this and she says she doesnt no. Ive told her im not going anywhere and shes still convinced that i will die. I dont no what to do anymore and i feel awful saying this but i feel clostraphobic in my own home its awful! Please tell me there are other mums/dads experiencing this ive never seen another child react this extreme & i just want to help her move on from it & enjoy her childhood!!

SCSLaura Tue 13-Dec-16 17:38:26

Hello, I am a family therapist. That does not sound like separation anxiety to me. It's come on very quickly and you need to understand why this change has happened more than search of labels to pin it on. Although she may not be able to tell you, I wonder if any of her friends would know what happened the days leading up to this change.
I may suggest she has experienced something scary and is returning to her safe base I. E. You to help her feel safe again.
Knowing very little about the situation I can only guess but it sounds like something has rocked her feelings of safety and now she constantly needs the reassurance.
Hope that helps. Laura

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