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entertaining 4 year old blind daughter ...

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Melissa1929 Tue 03-May-16 01:00:21

I notice a big difference in my first child raising experience now , my daughter is developmentally behind among other things , and was born without eyes , I'm at the point she is getting bored of toys and just made me realize I don't know how to entertain a blind child , of course I no little things , but the average child everything is visual it seems , can't just sit her in front of tv for clean up time , she is into everything haven to follow her around constantly to make sure she is okay. Any advice on entertainment .......she doesn't talk or walk besides trailing walls , and I don't know what she understands .

MariaIris1969 Tue 04-Sep-18 00:24:24

Have you tried sensory smells and fragrant play dough. Your daughter would probably love anything with touch and smell. Aswell as musical instruments and sounds . Hope this helps x

Nogodsnomasters Sun 09-Sep-18 08:09:25

I was going to suggest music or audio books, if she has a little tablet/ipad you could download some stuff and buy her age appropriate headphones and she could listen to children's books so you could get some house work done? I know how important time to get stuff done alone in the house is.

Mamabear95 Sun 16-Dec-18 22:59:54

New to this, not sure if it's going to the correct thread.. (about little girl age 4.5 who is blind) my little boy is 3, registered blind, developmental delays amongst other things. We entertain him with Audible, audio books, nursery rhymes in the background singing along to them, bringing him from room to room with us telling him what's going on in each room and what we are doing etc. We also use toys that make noise etc. He loves musical instruments for example maracas out of ELC (the soft fisher price ones or he would beat the life out of himself and us with them) we massage his wee shoulders, play with his hair and read him little books letting him hold them even though we're aware he can't see. But it's more for the sensory feel aspect. The smelling idea from the lady above is a fantastic idea. One I'll now try with my little boy also. Plenty of online disability shops sell these things. Have you ever thought of putting your little one in her high chair/ a chair that has a table and using the likes of dry pasta, play doh, paint etc.. again all for sensory play. We do a range of different things alongside using his specialised equipment and it fairly fills the day and he goes to bed tired after it all. Just a thought. Hope you get sorted! smile

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