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any help with my son

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garyxxtina Fri 01-Apr-16 13:33:27

Hiya I'm breaking down my son is 11 and he's working at reception level in a normal main stream school.over the years I've done as much as I can but feel like I'm falling him.; (.he's now off to a specail needs September which I know woll defo help him but I don't know which way to turn my council are been arse holes there said I maybe evicted cause of the stuff that my next door thinks I'm do i g and it's my son they even ring the polive on me the other day and caused me to have a break down; (

Crazybaglady72 Mon 16-May-16 20:56:06

First of all, stop beating yourself up.... You're doing the best you can do and the fact that youre worrying about your son shows youre a good parent.
Im a special needs teacher with Deaf children and i know its not easy when youre trying to teach and they cant learn as you want them to....its not their fault and its not yours either. It just is what it is......hard, frustrating, worrying etc etc but it doesnt sound like youve got very understanding neighbours.mhave you tried talking to them and explaining the situation and difficulties your son has? If theyre 'normal human beings' they might start to ease off if they understand a bit better? (Not always though unfortunately).
Hopefully you can get some support when he starts special school..... Also try your doctor and ask to be referred for help (social worker for example)'your social worker can sort all sorts of things out - clubs, support for him and you. You need to,reach out for some help on this. Dont sit worrying about it on your own, there are people who can help you. Good luck, x

Ksb6 Mon 12-Sep-16 07:29:51

The Special Yoga Foundation,, is a charity that can offer you some support. They have yoga practitioners that can work with your son to help him feel more calm. Yoga also helps with organisational and coping skills. It's also a place that can offer you support, a place where you and your child are welcomed, well just an all round awesome place! Check them out and see what they can do for you, kx

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