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garyxxtina Thu 31-Mar-16 18:28:08

I'm new to all this this maybe a long thread well anyway my son has very bad specail needs he's 11 but mentally learning 4-6 years he's in main stream at the min but I'm September he's off to a specail needs school!!!
Well anyway since Easter his behaviour has become a massive problem at school and at home well anyway I've rung my council and told them about this and well anyway my neighbours are a knightmare they have a son the same but I don't complain the noise is really bad most nights but Monday night my son didn't have no sleeping meds the night before so he was tired and was on one ; ( next door called the polive and they came out because of domestic violence (I was spring cleaning my house cause my daughter has moved out so yea was a bit upside down) I was having a break down I was so upset I did knock a mirror over and it smashed and then my son topped cat in the floor but my son was the one throwing things down the stairs they ring council now there sayi g I maybe evicted I was arrested for assulting a copper but it was I caught him in the eye no damage of anything I only got a caution cause I was in such a mess I didn't know I had done it ; (
I'm so messed up I just need some help I've had mediation before with another family down here and it worked and I've asked for this family but said they need to investigate are they not aloud to give it to me again I've got a 14 11 and 3 year old I'm so tired and worn out ;, (

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