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Really need help on ABA therapy

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busymumwith2kids Tue 02-Feb-16 10:45:15

Hi Everyone, Advice needed if anyone can help and would be kind enough . I've been researching ABA therapy for my son, whom is 3 & has recently been diagnosed with autism.I am fairly new to this but I was hoping to get some advice on how I would go about setting up a basic in home ABA programme at home? I am looking for a ABA tutor to setup etc. I come across 2 websites one is child autism and abatutors website. Is anyone used child autism or abatutors website please. We need to pay £30 for the membership. I am ok to pay £30. but before paying i would like to know whether it is worth paying...

Any advice really appreciated.
Thank you very much

sarahs1982 Tue 08-Mar-16 15:25:40

my name is sarah I have a ten year old son tyler who was diagnosed with severe autism at 2 years 9 months . I fun raised for a year and managed to take my son to America to a program called growing minds the program cost about 8 grand. prior to ABA/lovas and pecs my son had no speech couldn't imitate or didn't answer to his own name was locked in his own world it was worth every penny he now can imitate answer his own name and has speech not the clearest but its speech he can touch type and uses the tablet to type in words we cant understand. There isn't really a basic ABA program each program is tailored to the childs needs and its a lot of intense worse I shed loads of tears through out the program its very demanding I ran the program myself for several years and we have come to a point now where he needs more ABA I live in a very rural area in the highlands and I am fund raising again as we need more training and a different approach to the ABA as he's older and has different needs now as the program was done when he was a pre schooler. I am now looking to hire someone privately who would travel ive researched the peach program uk based and speur ghlan she might be helpful for your needs busymumwith2kids she has a website. if anyone knows of an ABA therapist who is willing to travel could you please let me know thank you .

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