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help with adoption support plan ideas please

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Mazrob Sun 15-Nov-15 12:30:36


We have adopted two boys, the eldest has been with us since 5m.o. and is just about to turn three. His biological brother has been with us since birth and is now 11m.o. and we are due to go to court in three weeks for the youngest to finalise his adoption order.

In the past two weeks both have had developmental reviews and both have been identified as having delays. The eldest has hypertonicity, co-ordination, manipulation, attention & concentration deficits and a dyspraxia presentation. The youngest is nowhere near crawling or weigh bearing through his legs.

We have asked for the current support plan to be revised prior to the adoption order due to recent medical assessments. The social workers have advised us to make a list of what we think we might need but absolutely no guidance from them as to what treatments or activities, classes, or services the children might benefit from. That's up to us to come up with, so we are asking mumsnet for things you think may help us. Ie. swimming classes for improved physical co-ordination etc.

It feels like we have professionals involved but only after we observe, diagnose, plan treatments and fight for support as parents, that they participate.

Any suggestions for revising the support plan would be gratefully received.

Our thanks in advance.

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