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Anyone used ABA therapy in Birmingham or done part time therapy with a mainstream school?

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michelle40 Tue 27-Oct-15 22:01:25


My 6 year old son has recently been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (moderate) and ADHD. He has a normal IQ but is very behind at his mainstream school (still learning to count past 10 and the alphabet) and struggles with social skills. The school SENCO has been obstructive.

Can anyone recommend an ABA tutor or consultant in the Birmingham or warwickshire area?

Also has anyone succeeded in getting a mainstream school to agree their child can attend part time whilst they do some ABA at home? The school seem to be against this.

This is all new to me and Im really keen to hear other peoples experiences of how they balanced ABA and school and also whether it benefited a high functioning child.

Thanks in advance smile x

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