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Elvanse advice please

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Sparkle1985 Thu 02-Oct-14 21:33:29

My son is 9 and has just been diagnosed with add. The doctor wants to out him elvanse 30mg has anyone else had experience with this medication?
I'm worried about the weight loss as my son is already quite slim and also worried about the effects it's going to have on him. A few reviews have mentioned a come down?
Also doctor said he only needs to take it when he goes to school so weekends and holidays he doesn't have to but will this mess his system up keep stopping and starting it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm really worried and so unsure as what to do for the best really.

MrsT1303 Thu 29-Dec-16 16:11:44

Hello, my child has been prescribed this, started taking today. May I ask how your son got on with it please?

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