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I think my son has autism....

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coffeetofunction Tue 08-Jul-14 09:34:05

...but I can't fully explain why.

I know next to nothing about it but I'm sure that's why he's different & life is so hard for him!

I need to push professionals for help but I don't know enough to start.

My son has ADHD but it's more than that. Things like, his social skills are poor, he's very rough with other children, he can't maintain eye contact, his belongings have to be just right, he doesn't think like you or me, he whistles all the time, he taps all the time, he has ticks, he takes things literally, he's obsessed with films.... There's other things I can't think of.

Is there anyone out there with an opinion or help or advice??

thedevilinside Tue 08-Jul-14 10:33:52

Hi, I would write down why you suspect he has ASD and take the list to your GP and request a referral. My son has ADHD and ASD and sometimes the ADHD disguises the ASD, for example he's not too bothered about a routine and likes new experiences

coffeetofunction Tue 08-Jul-14 17:34:45

I worry that I'm just gonna be told it's "just the ADHD" but it seems much clearer now 'his brain isn't so busy with the ADHD'....

I met the senco at school today & she is will to refer to educational psychologist but I'm not sure she completely understand where I was coming from.

Stresshead123 Sun 31-Aug-14 18:10:18

My son has autism & your son sounds similar, was he speech delayed? It could also be autistic traits though so you might not get a diagnosis.

Essaye Sun 25-Oct-15 15:31:28

Look at the NAS website and look at three main areas that form an ASD diagnosis. Write down everything that your son does that fits with this and just like advised take to your GP. It's not uncommon to have an ASD and ADHD diagnosis, my eldest does in addition to other things.

lvwilkes Sat 31-Oct-15 08:30:20

My son is having an Ados test done in December, what happens if the report is negative? Is there tests for other things, such as ADHD? I've been thinking the Ados test will tell us the answer to everything?
He is quiet at school & has learning support. At home he is like a different child, with mood swings, aggression does'nt want to do homework & the simplest work can take an hour to complete. I'm really struggling with the back chat & the way he speaks to me at the moment. He is 12, I dont know if this is hormones or traits, what ever it is, he seems to be going worse the older he gets.
sorry I have gone off topic a little bit, I've got that much stuff going around my head,I dont know what to say first.

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