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apps for autism for Ipad

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iwona1967 Wed 17-Oct-12 10:44:30

can anybody make a suggestion about apps for children with autism, I have a 4 year old, non verbal boy, I've heard what a difference apps could make, I watched on you tube, but there is so much to choose from. I want to make good decision as they are no cheap. I heard about prologuo2go, pictelo, but iam lost. help please

DjDebbieD Mon 29-Oct-12 18:45:08

Hi there,

My son is 5, also non verbal and addicted to his ipad! Talking Tom and Talking Ben are good as they mimic you, my son loves them and has recently started saying Hello so they copy him. I also have on there most of the free educational ones where they trace letters and numbers, he enjoys those. Im afraid to say tho he loves angry birds and temple run!
Hope this helps

lychee3 Mon 08-Sep-14 02:18:31

I will unearth my apps for sen booklet when I go into school (I'm an sen teacher) and post some suggestions. If you wanted to private message me with some ideas about what sort of things your son is interested in it would maybe help me sift through the booklet as it has a lot.

Proloquo2go is excellent. Its so easy to customise you can add in any word you want and take photos of objects that he might want to request and indeed photos of family members. Very clear very easy to use!! Would fully reccomend it !

Sugarfreeriot Thu 19-Mar-15 07:08:29

I'm sure it's great but why is it so expensive? I have a dd of 2 who probably isn't going to understand it just yet...but I'm looking for iPad apps to help her communicate. Maybe something a little more simple.

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