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Wooden Chair needed for my 12mth boy

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Alibobbles Mon 05-Jul-10 13:42:24

My son is a little delayed in his sitting and has been using a brilliant chair at his therapy group which has moulded arms and a pommel at the front with shoulder straps. I'd love to order one that would allow him to sit at his 5 year old brothers activity table but I just cant seem to find one on the internet. Anybody know where I could get one. Tried all the early years furniture suppliers with no joy. Thanks

Alibobbles Mon 05-Jul-10 13:48:32

Just found a toddler chair on the consortium website. Its £266!!!! But thats the kind of thing I'm looking for

Lougle Mon 05-Jul-10 14:11:15

£19.95 here without the straps, but you could attach a pair of reigns to do the same job.

Lougle Mon 05-Jul-10 14:12:39

Chair harness here

Alibobbles Mon 05-Jul-10 15:18:50

Thanks Lougle - Spotted that chair - Chair harness with it could work I reckon and got the flexibility of using that on our travels as well.

mycarscallednev Tue 07-Sep-10 10:37:21

Probably too late but check out 'Teezie Breezie', like a 'trip-trap' but for SEN children. Also comes in large size for adult tables - we have one at school and the larger one for home.

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