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Door locks

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qwerty1972 Wed 16-Oct-19 19:20:12

I've got a tricky problem and I think some knowledgeable people her might be able to help. My mother has advanced dementia (doesn't recognise us, her room or house) but we are still managing to care for her in our/her home. She has recently got into the habit of going into my 6 year old's bedroom at night and waking him up. I've put a bolt on my 14 year old's door, so she can lock herself in, but I can't do that with a 6 year old. Is there any kind of device we can use which would allow a 6 year old to get out (and us get in if necessary), but prevent my Mum getting in? Do such things even exist? Thanks.

Remap Wed 30-Oct-19 10:22:14

Here at the charity Remap ( we have skilled volunteers who like a challenge like this. Please contact us 01732 760209 or if you'd like us to organise this. All help is completely free.

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