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Help stopping my son from getting his arms out of the seatbelt

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KoalasAteMyHomework Tue 15-Oct-19 21:46:39

My 4.5yo autistic son is in a car seat that had harnesses up to 18kg. He's now hit that weight limit so the car seat is used with the car seatbelt now. Today he managed to get his arms out and throw himself forward so he essentially only had the belt across his lap holding him.

I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations on something to keep him in safely? A lot of the clips etc seem to be designed to be used on a 5 point harness for young toddlers. The closest I could find is this
Has anyone used it? What sort of safety standards do I need to check it against?

I know some car seats have harnesses up to 25kg but his current car seat is only 6 months old as he was rear facing til his fourth birthday. So ideally we wouldn't have to go and buy a whole new seat just for stronger harnesses (but obviously will if there's no other option).

He has learning difficulties so I can't explain to him why it's dangerous etc. And he struggles to follow instructions so I can't just ask him to keep his arms in the belt.

KoalasAteMyHomework Wed 16-Oct-19 07:42:39


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