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Break recommendations please

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jemmm Fri 05-Apr-19 12:05:37

Hello, I have a complicated family (don't we all!!):
My eldest DS has a rare genetic condition called Erythropoietic protoporphyria; he becomes unwell if he is in strong sunlight and so either has to cover up, including his face, which is not great for a 14 year old, or do things largely indoors - i.e. swimming etc.
I have twins age 11 as well, a boy and girl. The boy has autism and a significant learning disability - he attends a special school and is doubly incontinent with limited communication. He loves hot tubs!
So, I would like somewhere to take us all (and DH!) for a three or four day break (in the UK - we are based in Yorkshire) that is not more than £1,000 maximum but that gives us both a hot tub and also an indoor pool etc that will be good fun for the other two. We tried Center parks, but youngest DS (twin) was terrified of the pool and wouldn't enter the building, although the other two loved it. That would have been fine, if there was a hot tub, but it seems that you have to pay a fortune for an Exclusive Lodge if you also want a hot tub. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thank you!!

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