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Social Skills Group or Resources for Dyspraxic/ADHD 12 yr old in North or Central London - Bullying/Divorce

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jumpupanddown Thu 06-Dec-18 11:01:51

My boy who has dyspraxia/ADHD and has some social skills difficulties, could really do with good social skills lessons/drama classes/role playing or resources. Got lots of issues for him to cope with at the moment including my husband and I getting divorced and he is being bullied at school.
Would really appreciate any resource recommendations anyone has appropriate for this age group and/or any social skills groups that are particularly good.
If anyone knows anyone trained that would be good at doing activities for children on social skills appropriate for this age group that might be good for an after school club then that might be an idea also.
Thanks very much

BuffytheDamnLyrePlayer Mon 21-Jan-19 11:07:35

Have you heard of The London Children's Practice? I think they run workshops on things like social skills, although I don't know what the age ranges are. Have never been, but interested in their work for various reasons. They employ speech therapists and education psychologists as well.

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