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Noddythefirst Wed 07-Nov-18 23:36:34

Son (13) with ASD not keen on queuing. Is EuroDisney any good for children with ASD? Do they offer discount prices for ASD visitors or carers? If so what documentation do I need? Any tips?

MumUnderTheMoon Tue 27-Nov-18 14:03:12

Caters go free into the parks you need a caters allowance letter or his DLA letter. A letter from your doctor explaining his diagnosis and how it effects his behaviour will get you a pass which means he can jump the que. show the letter to someone at city hall when you get there. We also got a free adjoining room as my brother needs privacy and a family room was not suitable for this. Just ring them directly.

Louloubelle78 Sat 03-Aug-19 21:45:34

They are super helpful and you'll have a great experience. As above, carers go free, which saves a fortune. They have special entry points for those with the disabled ticket. The staff are fantastic. There is nothing to worry about and you'll have a great time. When they do the parades they have special places to stand.

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