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Voice activated independence

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selfidentifyinggiraffe Wed 07-Nov-18 10:20:29

I have posted in Xmas too.

Severely disabled family member. Want to gift them some independence as they have zero. Speech not amazingly clear but they can speak.

I just want something that they can say "do this"

And it does it.

They can't hold anything...

I'm sure there's gadgets now but I don't own them... like wifi operated things where they could just say "watch news" for example and the telly might go on???

Something that recognises their voice over someone else's would be especially good!

CMOTDibbler Wed 07-Nov-18 10:32:57

The easiest thing is an Amazon Alexa - you can listen to the radio, play music, start an audio book, order things from Amazon, look up things on the internet, phone people and if you get the special light bulbs and sockets you can ask her to turn lights on and off, turn other things on etc. You can control a TV by adding a fire stick, control the heating via Hive and so much more.

If you search for 'Alexa disability' you can see what others do

selfidentifyinggiraffe Wed 07-Nov-18 10:40:25

Thank you! I will look at that 😁

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