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SPD Friendly Period Proof Pants ?

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RockinHippy Mon 22-Oct-18 18:58:38

My DD16 has a few health issues, hEDS, Functional B12 deficiency & in the process of a HFA diagnosis too. So amongst other things, pain sensitivity & sensitivity to how fabric can feel etc are symptoms for her.

She's also having a hell of a time with her periods, which so far GP is monitoring, blaming it as normal for some in the first years of menstruation & suggesting upping her B6 intake.

Her periods can be extremely heavy, which she gets very anxious about having had a couple of leaks. I've bought period pants online which had good reviews, but they are just too stiff & uncomfortable for her to wear, especially as her sensitivities get worse during her periods.

Can anyone please recommend leak proof period pants that are softer & more SPD friendly?


Needlemaker Mon 22-Oct-18 19:09:28

Not sure how leek proof these are yet because as soon as they arrived I stopped bleeding, on blood thinners and had a coil fitted, but I got some from Amazon Nightaste cotton pack of three really comfy but they do come up high handy for me as it just covers my overhang from two c sections

RockinHippy Tue 23-Oct-18 02:46:09


Thank you!.

I had a look & the reviews are good & a reasonable price too, lots saying they work & are comfortable too. So I've ordered her some🤞

They are mainly to be used to help ease her anxiety over accidents, so they look like a good back up for that, as some of the reviewers are using with Mooncup. So they must work pretty well👍🏼

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